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At the onset of Zoonomaly, you’re greeted with a briefing that sets the stage for your role as a zookeeper in this extraordinary adventure. Your mission is manifold: oversee the zoo’s day-to-day operations, ensure the containment of monstrous entities, and embark on a quest to reconstruct a vital key, shattered into 20 fragments and scattered throughout the zoo by an unknown saboteur. This deliberate act of vandalism is a clear sign that someone wishes to keep these pieces hidden, challenging you to uncover them amidst the sprawling expanse of the zoo. Equipped with a device capable of detecting radiation trails, you’re poised to navigate through the ensuing mystery and chaos.

Unlocking the Enigma

The game thrusts you into an immediate test of wits, presenting puzzles that require keen observation and ingenuity to solve. Starting with navigating obstacles by employing a simple light bulb, the game swiftly introduces you to the first of its “animals,” setting the tone for what lies ahead. Your task then evolves into a comprehensive search within the zoo to locate the missing key fragments, a journey that is anything but ordinary. As you delve deeper into the zoo, ominous sounds and eerie inscriptions, such as “here lives my offspring,” signal the presence of lurking dangers. The anticipation of encountering the first monster builds, warning players of the game’s potential abrupt end if not careful.

A Path Littered with Challenges

The game cleverly incorporates elements of survival and exploration, allowing players to extract bulbs from lanterns for essential illumination. The specialized tool provided, wielded in the right hand, becomes indispensable in revealing hidden creatures by shining light across various areas. An encounter with a wooden structure presents a new challenge, urging players to dismantle planks with light bulbs to ascend and retrieve a piece of the key. However, caution is paramount, for the appearance of a monster can instantly escalate the situation, demanding quick reflexes and strategic retreats.

Zoonomaly invites players into a world where vigilance meets valor, where each step taken is a step closer to unraveling a mystery cloaked in shadow. The fusion of puzzle-solving, exploration, and suspense crafts a unique narrative experience, urging players to tread carefully yet courageously through the unpredictable environs of a zoo unlike any other.

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That's not my Neighbor