That's not my Neighbor

All Doppelgangers

In the engaging world of That’s Not My Neighbor All Doppelgangers, players are introduced to a cast of characters each with their unique quirks and potential doubles, making the gameplay a thrilling experience of detection and decision-making. Here’s a closer look at some of the neighbors who make this game an unforgettable journey into the uncanny.

Albertsky PeachmanAlbertsky Peachman is a building resident known for his craftsmanship in shoemaking. An interesting encounter with Albertsky involves a clone with an easily noticeable difference: worms protruding from its face. This grotesque detail serves as a clear warning sign, distinguishing the real Albertsky from his doppelganger. Players need to pay close attention to such details to ensure the safety and integrity of the building’s community.
Gloria Schmicht Gloria Schmicht lives on the second floor and has a life marked by routine, with a peculiar habit of visiting twice a day. The challenge with Gloria is her mole, which mysteriously moves from one side of her face to the other, indicating the presence of her clone. Players are tasked with observing these small yet significant changes to prevent the clone from infiltrating the building under Gloria’s identity.
Angus CiprianniAngus Ciprianni represents a unique challenge. Not listed on the resident list some days, his presence requests extra scrutiny. Particularly suspicious is his hat, an item not mentioned in any documents. Could it be hiding something, or is it simply a fashion choice? Angus’s appearances test players’ ability to adapt to unexpected situations and to question even the seemingly innocuous details.
Lois StilnskyLois Stilnsky is characterized by her distinctive short hair and pronounced lips. The clone’s deception is in the details – notably, the smaller lips and fabricated reasons for her absence in the building. Encountering Lois immediately after dealing with her clone puts players in a position where they must quickly switch from defensive to welcoming, all while keeping an eye out for discrepancies in her story.
Mia StoneMia Stone, a teacher, is known for her oval face, thin eyebrows, and round nose. The challenge comes when her doppelganger shows up with slightly off facial features, such as crooked eyebrows or eyes set too far apart. These subtle differences force players to be exceptionally observant, as making the right call ensures Mia’s safety and the continuity of her teaching duties.
Roman StilnskyRoman Stilnsky is easily identifiable by a scar on his right cheek, a single eyebrow, and his fondness for wearing hats. The clone’s failure to replicate these specific traits accurately offers a straightforward yet crucial decision point for players, emphasizing the importance of visual memory in safeguarding the residents.
Nacha MikaelysNacha Mikaelys presents a deceptive challenge with a poorly created clone that sports mismatched eye colors and a notably swollen and bruised chin. Her excuse of bad sleep is a red flag that players must heed to prevent her clone from causing havoc within the building.
Francis MossesFrancis Mosses, a third-floor resident and milkman, comes with an air of fatigue and a distinguishing hat. Clones attempting to impersonate Francis might sport merged eyebrows, a deviation from his documented appearance of two separate brows. Angering the clone reveals more sinister traits, such as reddening eyes and shrinking pupils, serving as a last-minute clue for players to act upon.
Mclooy RudboysMclooy Rudboys resides on the third floor and is distinguished by his constant wearing of a hat, a goatee, and a prominent nose. Understanding that Mclooy is not a clone involves recognizing these consistent features, which do not change regardless of the doppelganger’s efforts.
Alf CappucciniAlf Cappuccini is a neighbor with a unique profile: a large nose, the use of a monocle, and a penchant for hats, encapsulating his profession as a lawyer. His round face is another characteristic feature that players can use to differentiate him from any potential imitators attempting to breach the building’s safety.
Elenois Sverchzt Elenois Sverchzt, a model and one of the twin sisters living on the fourth floor, is marked by her small, sharp nose. Players encounter a distinctive challenge in identifying Elenois correctly, ensuring that her career and safety are not jeopardized by a doppelganger’s deceit.
Rafttellyn CappuccinTo gain understanding about the Doppelganger, consult Hoon Lady. Rafttellyn Cappuccin lives in the top floor’s fourth room and is Alf Cappuccin’s spouse. Her distinctive features include a long face, noticeable nose, smooth hair, and the headband she often wears.
Steven RudboysSteven Rudboys resides in the top floor’s third room and is the son of Mclooy Rudboys. He is characterized by a notable nose, glasses, short hair, and a small head size.
Dr. W. AftonDr. W. Afton lives in the third floor’s first room and is betrothed to Mia Stone. Recognizable features include his bushy eyebrows, spectacles, cropped hair, bulbous nose, and a blocky head. It is thought that Dr. W. Afton’s character is inspired by William Afton from the famous horror game Five Nights At Freddy’s, and his counterfeit documents frequently reference Star Wars.
Izaack GaussIzaack Gauss lives in the second room on the top floor. His features include bushy eyebrows, a broad smile, a prominent chin, and a sizable nose.
Margarette BubblesMargarette Bubbles, who lives alone in the upper floor’s third room, is notable for her curly hair, left eye deviation, round nose, and wide smile, all in a single sentence.
Anastacha MikaelysAnastacha Mikaelys, living in the upper floor’s fourth room and daughter of Nacha Mikaelys, is identified by her tired eyes, twin ponytails, small nose, and circular face, all described in a single sentence.
Arnold SchmichtArnold Schmicht, who lives in the upper floor’s first room and is Gloria Schmicht’s husband, is recognized by his bushy eyebrows, prominent mustache, and round face with short hair, typically wearing a green suit and hat, complemented by a white shirt and red tie, with forehead wrinkles as his distinct facial feature, all detailed in one sentence.
Robertsky PeachmanRobertsky Peachman, living in the ground floor’s second room and brother to Albertsky Peachman, is notable for his elongated neck, lack of eyebrows, prominent nose, and a goatee, concisely described in one sentence.
Selenne SverchztSelenne Sverchzt lives in room four on the ground floor and is the twin sister of Elenois Sverchzt, with whom she is identical.
ClownThe clown character introduces a layer of mystery and interconnected narrative, as players encounter him through a brochure that hints at a larger, ominous presence in their dreams. Engaging with this character not only deepens the game’s lore but also bridges the gap to another game created by the same developer, suggesting a shared universe where the clown’s influence extends beyond a single encounter, weaving a complex web of narrative and player interaction.
A man in a radiation shielding suitA man in a radiation shielding suit. Gives you instructions and clears the room of clones. When everything is in order he will notify you that you can continue your work.
StrangerA person who is not a neighbor but comes over to ask if you know something about a clown or why to live.
These residents each contribute to the vibrant tapestry of life within the game’s setting, with their doppelgangers introducing an element of unpredictability and strategic depth. Players are charged with the crucial task of distinguishing between friend and foe, ensuring the safety of the building’s inhabitants through keen observation and quick decision-making.
That's not my Neighbor