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That’s Not My Neighbor on is a gripping game that takes players on a unique adventure, blending strategy with a dash of supernatural intrigue. Developed by the creative mind of Nacho Sama, this game stands out for its innovative approach to gameplay, where players assume the role of a doorman in a seemingly ordinary apartment complex. But there’s a catch: the building is under threat from doppelgangers seeking to infiltrate and wreak havoc. Players must use their wit and observational skills to identify these impostors among the tenants, making the game a thrilling test of perception and quick decision-making.

Characters and Endings

The game is rich with a variety of characters, each bringing their own stories and quirks to the apartment complex. From the cheerful old lady with her endless stories to the busy businessman always in a rush, players must keep a keen eye on details to discern their true identities. Doppelgangers, with their near-perfect disguises, add a layer of complexity, making every interaction a potential risk. The endings of That’s Not My Neighbor are directly influenced by the player’s actions throughout the game. With two main outcomes – either succumbing to the doppelgangers or successfully protecting the building – every decision, every observation, and every judgment call you make draws you closer to one of these fates.

Developer’s Vision

Nacho Sama, the developer behind That’s Not My Neighbor, envisioned a game that was not only entertaining but also mentally stimulating. Drawing inspiration from classic mystery and horror themes, Nacho Sama has crafted a game environment that is both familiar and unnervingly suspenseful. The choice to launch on allows the game to reach a broad audience, encouraging feedback and community engagement, which is integral to the indie game development process.

Key Features:

– A wide array of characters, each with their own backstory.
– Two distinct endings based on player choices.

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That's not my Neighbor